A comprehensive summary on the website of the Vert Shock program

Vert Shock is a special strength training program that has provided unique and potent results to the thousands who have given it a try. The Vert Shock Program specializes especially in improving the height of your vertical jump. Results have been even seen as much as a 15 inches improvement in a vertical jump. This is why; Vert Shock out of all such similar training programs, has earned its popularity and fan base in the crowd of basketball players and enthusiasts. The website that might provide easy access to the information on this program is vert-shock.org.

vert-shock.org In this article, the entire website is summarized to inform you about the nitty gritties of this program and why it is such a popular and respectable pick among all other training programs. The summary is done in a bullet fashioned way:

  1. The official site of the training program is vert-shock.com. But this site gives you a sensible review of the website, trying to put your growing concerns (regarding this new age shocking program) to rest.
  2. The website has 6 major parts : Home, Jump Higher Blog, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of use and Site Map
  3. It also features a site searcher that helps you to skip and forward to any specific aspect you’re looking for, that the program specializes in or vert-shock.org advertises about.
  4. The vert shock program is by famous strength trainers, Adam and Justin. It firstly has a quick introduction to the program, followed by a quick interactive question, trying to tone down the inner skeptic in you.
  5. Then the information in vert-shock.org is about the different phases that a trainer may have to endure through when they opt for this program. They’re of the following 3 phases/stages:

    Step 1: Pre-shock phase.
    Usually beginner users report burn or irritation in their muscles, as your muscles are basically reorienting and adjusting the way to react to external stimulus. This phase usually lasts for a week. Working through the Vert Shock program meticulously and religiously, you could add a whopping 3-5 inches to your vertical jump height by the week’s end.

Step 2: Shock phase.
During this phase, stamina and perseverance will be the ones under limelight. ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets you going’ is probably a go-to mantra you should develop for this stage, as this phase will test you to your absolute limit. This step usually lasts for 6 weeks. Rigorous, disciplined training is a must if you want to see your final results and revel in the glory of your increased strength and heightened jumps.

Step 3: Post-shock phase.
Now that your muscles have rigorously adapted to more power and efficacy, you need to apply them to achieve at the results you desire.vert-shock.org

  1. Lastly, a quick summary and insight on players or trainers (who have used the program before and been benefitted) is present in vert-shock.org. These quick reviews and recommendations were mainly written so you can have some amount of reassurance when you decide to invest on this training program.