Amazing Cookie Clicker Achievement List – 2017

Cookie Clicker Achievement

21st century came with an era of incremental games, also known as click games where the player is required to just click on their phone screen to obtain currency, an item, or even a farm. Cookie Clicker was one of those games that have completely revolutionize the era of idle games. It was invented in the year 2013 based on JavaScript and updated again in February 2016. The game built on how hastily you click to gather more cookie clicker achievements promote your status.

Cookie Clicker Achievement List:

The game allows gathering badges when you get a particular score or complete a specific target. This whole process is termed as “Achievements” by the gamer, and it helps in enhancing the quantity of milk that is available for baking.

Let us start with the achievements that you can have while playing this game.

  1.    Normal Achievements

These are 157 in total, and you get one when reaching on an individual level and helps in getting an increased quantity of milk. Following is an example of few of them:

Achievements Depending upon Cookies Number

Bake and Cake

The first achievement you get by first time touching a cookie on screen.

Making Some Dough

It is mandatory to bake one thousand cookies to complete this target.

So Baked Right Now

One hundred thousand cookies are needed to reach here.

Fledgling Bakery

Here comes the first difficult level where it is essential for you to bake one million cookies.

The first twenty-four steps include your focus and effort that you need to put during this game. It doesn’t make any other condition necessary to achieve the badge. The last step makes it compulsory to get at one undecillion cookie.

Achievements Depending upon Time

Then comes that in a limited time you should complete baking the specific amount of cookies. A few examples from these eighteen steps are:

Casual Baking

Here you need to bake one cookie in one second.

Cookie Vortex

It stresses the player to bake one hundred thousand cookies within a second

Let’s Never Bake Again

Here you must bake one billion cookies only in one second.

Fast and Delicious

Bake one trillion cookies per second.

The last step here required the user to complete one quintillion cookies and in timeframe on one second.

Achievements Totally Depending Upon Hitting Clicks

Here you need to bake cookies by using the click cursor comes on the screen of your phone or laptop. Examples include; Clicktastic where one thousand cookies have to bake through clicks, Clickageddon that needs ten trillion cookies, etc.

Achievements Dependent upon Buildings Count

It got the two steps; first, you need to obtain the cursors and secondly use them to bake cookies. It involves grandma, buildings, mines, farms, and factories to upgrade your status.

  1.    Shadow Achievements

These are those cookies which don’t help you in increasing the milk supply unless you get the one from them. A total ten of them is there in the game.  For example, Endless Cycle, Speed Baking I, and True Never Click.